Pre-fabricated Countertops (Edge Cutting & Polishing)

The client chooses the colour of marble or granite he wants, gives us the dimension of the counter tops, specifies the design he wants for the edge preparation and we manufacture these at our factory as per those requirements.                                                                          

We procure all colours, varieties of natural stones (granite, marble etc) and manufacture it as per the requirement of the client. Some popular edge designs are –


Following are examples of work that are executed at our factory –

There are several advantages of choosing pre-fabricated counter tops – 

  1. Standardized procurement of counter tops for bulk requirements
  2. No cutting and polishing required at site; only assembly – quicker turnaround time for project deliveries
  3. Lesser cost – procurement in bulk
  4. Elegant and superior finishing – because its majorly machine based, not manual


Popular colours that we currently export –

These are used as Kitchen Counters, Washroom (Bathroom) Vanities, Dining Table Counters etc. or at any other suitable areas.