PU Polished Table Tops

We are highly pleased to introduce polyurethane (PU) polish marble tops in India. We have pioneered the technique to apply PU polish on marble which gives it a glass-like smooth finish and makes it super elegant. These are mainly Italian marble tops – colour, dimensions and shape, as well as the edge design as per the choice of the customer with PU polish on it. We have have tie-ups with exclusive furniture / interior deign shop outlets to showcase our products.                

Polyurethane is a water or oil based plastic resin that when used for coating on stones can change the look and feel of the natural stone drastically. Its aesthetics value increases multifold and thus is a popular choice of the new age interior designers, architects, furniture showrooms etc and for the client who wishes to have something exclusive for his home or work place. 

We undertake any custom size and shape for table top orders of PU polished marbles. Client chooses the colour, size, edge finish etc and we execute them accordingly. Some of the uses are as follows –                     

  1. Dining Tables
  2. Coffee Tables
  3. Conference Room Tables


Few examples of the work executed for PU Polished countertops at our factory is shown below -